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Ever wondered blankly through a museum innocently confusing the elevator, electrical plug-ins or chrome cigarette ashtrays as works of art...only to go home later tortured by the question, "What exactly is contemporary art?"
Now you'll have the answer. Instantly!

Category: Mixed Media
Length: 7.5 Cm
Height: 13 Cm
Width: 2 Cm
Framed: No
Edition: Edition of 1000
Country: Canada
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Dana Wyse Canada
Dana Wyse

In 1996, Dana Wyse began her best known artwork, a pill-themed installation called Jesus Had A Sister Productions. Drawing on the fantastical promises of advertising, infomercials, and pop psychology, Wyse's pharmacy offers the possibility of instant personal change. It is a philosophical work-in-progress to which Wyse adds new elements each year. Jesus Had A Sister Productions is a fictional pharmaceutical company specializing in quick-fix medicines, dehydrated space food, discount time travel, spy electronics, transistor radios, invisible things, sneaky life hacks, Venus Fly Traps (when available)…and pocket-size weapons for the revolution. Incorporated in 1786 by the artist's great great great grandfather, Jesus Had A Sister Productions has not shuttered its factory doors a single day in over two centuries. Despite the existential winds...