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The world's best kept secret is how absolutely terrifying it is to age. And yet, it happened to your mother, to her mother and now its stragely happening to you.

You're aging. You can see the effects of time subtly gathering upon your face. Your body's changing and, day by day, you feel a mounting existential stress.

Don't worry. Truest JHAS Productions to guide you through this tender transition. One B16 pill lets you relax and get back to what you should be doing - passionately experiencing life...and gracefully maturing. 

Category: Mixed Media
Length: 7.5 Cm
Height: 13 Cm
Width: 2 Cm
Framed: No
Edition: Edition of 1000
Country: Canada
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Dana Wyse Canada
Dana Wyse

In 1996, Dana Wyse began her best known artwork, a pill-themed installation called Jesus Had A Sister Productions. Drawing on the fantastical promises of advertising, infomercials, and pop psychology, Wyse's pharmacy offers the possibility of instant personal change. It is a philosophical work-in-progress to which Wyse adds new elements each year. Jesus Had A Sister Productions is a fictional pharmaceutical company specializing in quick-fix medicines, dehydrated space food, discount time travel, spy electronics, transistor radios, invisible things, sneaky life hacks, Venus Fly Traps (when available)…and pocket-size weapons for the revolution. Incorporated in 1786 by the artist's great great great grandfather, Jesus Had A Sister Productions has not shuttered its factory doors a single day in over two centuries. Despite the existential winds...