Brand, 2023

This series is formed by a set of baskets and food containers, made out of modern ornamented materials, illuminated from the back, and set on an aluminum base. The utensils constitute an installation reminiscent of interlocking glass, religious architecture doors and windows. Man has always sought of building temples, churches, and mosques in order to feel close to God to thank him for all the granted blessings including foods. Accordingly, the comparison is very symbolic, as refineries are similar to windows that filter sunlight, create a healthy environment and bring purity to an individual's life. The series encourages viewers to consider the healing potential of mindful consumption, emphasizing the value of gratitude, nourishment, and spiritual connection. It helps us comprehend the complex relationship between spiritual and physical nourishment, which promotes healing and a comprehensive sense of well-being, by means of its symbolic representation.

Category: Mixed Media
Length: 10 Cm
Height: 240 Cm
Width: 650 Cm
Material: Acrylic on canvas
Framed: Yes
Edition: 1
Country: Saudi Arabia
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Rashed AlshashaiSaudi Arabia