La Mer(e), Origine du Monde...MOM023, 2022

The Miror is a custom design that is 3D printed and spontaneously modeled in a virtual environment. This work is composed of ten 3D printed parts. Each piece is covered in a layer of mastic, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, fluid composition. The glossy, duo-chromatic paint interacts with the light source, transforming the mirror into a contemplative hanging sculpture. Inspiring reflection on the concept of temporality as well as the intersection of the mineral and organic worlds. We can see the traces of a past life that has been frozen in time or the traces of a future life that has come back to life. To know oneself is to recognize oneself. The mirror object, enigmatic but iconic, allows us to appear to return to our initial state. It is our healing.

Category: Mixed Media
Length: 32 Cm
Height: 65 Cm
Width: 112 Cm
Framed: No
Edition: 1/1
Country: Saudi Arabia
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Ghizlane SahliSaudi Arabia
Ghizlane Sahli

Born in 1973 in Meknes (Morocco). Lives and works in Marrakech. Ghizlane Sahli embroiders, sculpts and draws. She tells of an interior and organic journey, carried by a universal dimension. With the help of ancestral techniques and the know-how of the women artisans who surround her, she develops her contemporary ideas. Together, they create three-dimensional embroidery, including the "Alvéole", from the waste she collects. The Alveolus is the elementary particle of her work. It is the atom that constitutes substance. It is the cell whose accumulation and proliferation creates the work. Ghizlane thus brings her point of view by playing with materials, scales, volumes ... She uses thread (silk, wool, plastic or metal) to weave and celebrate the subjects that stimulate her: The human body, in general, and the female body in its intimacy. Ghizlane is inspired by metaphor with nature to develop her purpose and express her interiority and emotions. Pure emotion, cleansed of any religious, social, educational or generic contribution.