Becoming, 2023

  • 3000 $

Meditation and healing are both about transformation. The Becoming is a meditation on the cycle of death and rebirth, as well as the process of elements and their constant interchangeable states of matter. Molten wax injections into cold water produce organic, unpredictable shapes. The candle holders are cast from bronze and aluminum using a lost wax casting technique. Within the metal bodies, a moment when heat meets cold is frozen and fossilized in time. States of liquid and solid interchange. In the universe, each formation is unique. The wax-injection-in-water process is used to make the paraffin candles that will be placed in the metal holder. There is an interconnected relationship between the candle and its holder. More metal is exposed as the candle burns and evaporates, and a slumped glass or metal tray collects the wax drips. 

Category: Sculpture
Length: 80 Cm
Height: 40 Cm
Width: 55 Cm
Material: aluminum, glass, paraffin
Framed: No
Edition: 1
Country: Netherlands
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Dace SūnaNetherlands
Dace Sūna

Dace Sūna is a Latvian designer-maker of space and light. Dace obtained a BFA in interior design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York in 2015 and is now completing her MFA in Design Acadamey of Eindhoven in Contextual Design. Dace exhibited her works at ICFF(International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York in 2016 and 2019. While residing in Los Angeles, she learned the art of neon making and started working with different materials such as plaster, wood, and clay. Love for nature and fascination with the elemental nature of this planet such as GAS - FIRE - WATER - EARTH - PLASMA is the driving force behind the creations