Polarized Portrait, 2023

  • 4716 $

The piece uses light and polarized filters to reveal stress and birefringence in plastic allowing different wavelengths and colors to pass through. The steel backplate reflects light and mirrors its surroundings. Without light, reflection and different wavelengths that hit the eye we would not be able to experience the beauty of the world, its variations, colors and contrasts.

Category: Sculpture
Length: 100 Cm
Height: 100 Cm
Width: 6 Cm
Material: Steel. recycled acrylic glass, led tubes, polarizers
Framed: No
Edition: 1 in that size, shape and materials. Only 1 produced.
Country: Sweden
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Kajsa WillnerSweden
Kajsa Willner

Kajsa Willner is a designer based in Malmö, SWE. She is interested in investigating how to broaden the concept of design and the designers role in society. Willner’s work is often the result of interdisciplinary project collaborations with everything from communicating science and academic research to developing new sustainable materials from industrial leftovers. Kajsa also runs a research based and experimental studio practice where her self-initiated projects are inspired by the beauty of science in nature. Where she studies nature's own innovative sustainable processes, strategies and phenomena and tries to apply them into studio productions of pieces made in smaller or limited editions.