Turn Your Head To The Sky, 2022

  • 900 $

Andrew creates light sensitive material for his collages. He applies leaf of precious metals and sometime’s acrylic colour in the finishing process by hand, thereby creating a unique piece with each artwork.

Category: Mixed Media
Length: 30 Cm
Height: 40 Cm
Width: 3 Cm
Material: Polaroid collage with individually hand-applied 24k gold leaf
Framed: No
Edition: 1 out of 40
Country: United Kingdom
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Andrew Millar United Kingdom
Andrew Millar

Andrew Millar lives in Whitechapel, East London. He uses a combination of instant film, gold & silver leaf and paint to create delicate collages that capture a haunting mix of reality and fantasy. Andrew has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and New York.