I'm All Ears, 2021

  • 2300 $


Category: Mixed Media
Length: 10 Cm
Height: 27 Cm
Width: 5 Cm
Material: Mixed Media,Glass,Plastic
Framed: Yes
Edition: N/A
Country: Saudi Arabia
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
CHROMA aka Rick Wolfryd United States
CHROMA aka Rick Wolfryd

Born in Newport Beach, CA in 1953 --- Rick Wolfryd is a multi-dimensional artist & writer who has spent much of his lifetime developing his unique cultural vision and word craft outside of mainstream art experience. Currently residing in Mexico City since Summer of 2009, Rick is working simultaneously on his fine art drawings, photography, poetry, and “digital and ideological reconstructions.” Terminology he uses to describe his most recent computer generated art work. In 1998, Rick was Sotheby’s 8th largest client in the world for buying/selling/trading contemporary prints and --- to his credit --- Rick also created and co-founded one of the world’s most successful, independent Contemporary Fine Art galleries based in Los Angeles, CA.