Tessera 13B/z2, 2021

  • 2700 $

The wooden panels by Ivan De Menis are only apparently simple; actually they encapsulate complex systems and thoughts. In his more recent works, for which he uses polystyrene and airball, it is a process that reveals the most intimate part of the work, as if he wanted to pull the viewer into the beating heart of what is happening before his eyes. The materials are usually used for packaging but here they become protagonists. Content and container are identified.

Category: Mixed Media
Length: 15 Cm
Height: 21 Cm
Width: 15 Cm
Material: Mixed media on panel
Framed: Yes
Edition: N/A
Country: Saudi Arabia
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Ivan De Menis Italy
Ivan De Menis

Ivan De Menis is Italian. He born in Treviso in 1973, on the 12th of June. Ivan attended the graphic arts course of the Bruno Munari institute of Art in Vittorio Veneto then he got his degree in painting from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 1997. Ivan lives and works in the countryside, close to Treviso.