Phoenix, 2023

  • 2500 $

Phoenix (In Classical Mythology) A Unique Bird, Resembling An Eagle But With Rich Red And Gold Plumage, That Lived For Five Or Six Centuries In The Arabian Desert (It Is Also Known As The Arabian Bird). Artwork got Inspired by wings hitting the air, imagining this heavy wings would produce sparkles of this act, Abdullh came up with artwork and his personal idea of the mighty bird “Phoenix” moving in the sky like a belly dancer.

Category: Mixed Media
Length: 5 Cm
Height: 102 Cm
Width: 72 Cm
Framed: Yes
Edition: 2
Country: Saudi Arabia
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Abdullh AlhussainSaudi Arabia
Abdullh Alhussain

Abdullah Alhussain is an Architect and multidisciplinary artist exposing the intersections of seemingly disparate mediums. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-based artist has founded his practice around the manipulations of light and shadow as illuminating forces for our modern day lived experiences with nature. Alhussain’s desire to become a professional artist and architect began in his youth. His family fostered his creative spirit from a young age, with his mother teaching him the value of hands-on projects and his architect father imparting a passion for design. Throughout his academic career, he was drawn to art classes. Here, he unearthed a fascination with Arabic calligraphy during his time learning under renowned calligrapher Muhammad Al-Tarouti. Committed to bringing his artistic visions to life, he went on to obtain his B.A. in Architecture at King Saud University, Riyadh, and received an M.A. in Construction Management at Philadelphia University, USA.