Whispers of the Desert - A1-3, 2023

  • 1200 $

"Whispers of the Desert" is a series of photographs by Utopic Arabia that capture a group of women dancing amidst the enchanting landscapes of the Middle East. These images transcend time, looking into traditions while also reimagining a futuristic society. Each photograph is infused with a unique hue, amplifying the concept of embracing serene moments and highlighting the importance of collective healing and unity. Through the lens of Utopic Arabia, these women's movements echo a harmonious narrative, resonating with the past and present, and an inspiring vision of a harmonious future society.

Category: Prints
Length: 80 Cm
Height: 54 Cm
Width: 3 Cm
Material: Wood, paper
Framed: Yes
Edition: 10
Country: United Arab Emirates
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
Dune StudioUnited Arab Emirates
Dune Studio

Utopic Arabia is an artistic project that explores the Middle East and its culture by creating unique images that envision an imaginative reality. The project recreates a journey though extraordinary landscapes where traditional elements are mix with futuristic shapes to create magical moments. Each image captivates a unique instant of the narrative.