Grendizer, Video Games Nostalgia Series, 2023

  • 3000 $

This work of art is hallucinations, thoughts, and memories crystallizing in the mind of
the artist and his memory,

Category: Prints
Length: 55 Cm
Height: 80 Cm
Width: 0.3 Cm
Framed: Yes
Edition: 5 Edition + 1 AP
Country: Yemen
Shipping from: Saudi Arabia
AMR AlngmahYemen
AMR Alngmah

Amr Yemeni artist Born at Alexandria Egypt and lives in Jeddah from 1982 now in Cairo. Amr holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery. He is a self-taught artist who began painting at a young age and has become increasingly interested in trying different materials, from the traditional to the digital. He uses programs (software) and computer parts (hardware) to research and explore the relationship between the digital age with spirituality, communication, people, the community, architecture, culture, religion, science, memory, identity and medicine, the resulting impact of them analytically and descriptively.