Sara Alqahtani

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Sara Alqahtani is a Saudi artist based in Riyadh. Born in 1997. Alqahtani is a multifaceted artist who works in a variety of mediums, including abstract painting and sculpture. However, Alqahtani primarily works with sculptures, and her motifs frequently shift between abstract paintings and sculptures inspired by nature. Her abstract works are inspired by nature and its deep meanings by adding abstract colors to add and highlight the pieces in different shapes. She often simplifies the shapes in her compositions and relies on the study of shadows when installing abstract pieces so that the painting becomes more alive when lighting changes or natural lighting such as the sun, using simplified shapes and paintings. Complementary sculpture coloring panels of the art further enhance the dreamlike quality and spread the message of her artwork to the world.

Artworks By Sara Alqahtani