Hadeel Alhussain

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Hadeel Alhussain is a Saudi visual artist and designer based in Riyadh. Born in 1993, she developed her artistic skills at the Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design and the Art & Renaissance Art School of Beirut, where she fully mastered the tools and techniques necessary to express her visual art and design skills. Alhussain is a multifaceted artist who works in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, and design. However, Alhussain primarily works with paintings, and her motifs frequently shift between figuration and abstraction. Her expressive brushstrokes are drawn from lived experience and the traces of memory, transporting her subjects into poetic dreamlike realms. She frequently simplifies the figures in her compositions, employing simplified shapes and complementary color palettes to further enhance the dreamlike quality of her work. Alhussain’s work has been featured in successful exhibitions in cities such as London, Tokyo, Berlin, and Barcelona, allowing her to reach a global audience.