Camillo Stepanek

  • Austria

  • Camillo Stepanek is a visual artist from Vienna, Austria. Stepanek found his unique style of art, placing the lifeline - the transformation of our life journey - at the center of his creations, by using the grain of the wood as his artistic element. Through the tree's annual rings, this lifeline is represented in a clearly visible way. He places gold leaves on the grain of the wood in his colorful paintings, giving the lifeline of the tree a special charisma. By highlighting these lifelines, his art style builds a bridge between the world of nature and the way our experiences and feelings shape our very existence. His style is called 'Pop Art Nouveau' because it takes fundamental ideas of the Art Nouveau movement, such as decorative ornamentation and a close relationship with nature, and fuses them with elements of Pop Art with the intention of creating something entirely new. It is an expression that creates a link between tradition and modernity by creating a completely autonomous sense of form.