Sultan Adham

  • Egypt

  • Under the banner ‘The Sultan Paints’, he began his body of work at the pandemic onset. Within a couple of months, Adham’s paintings were selling out in reputable galleries in two-three days, with acclaimed international collectors vying to own customized mind-map paintings. His burst onto the art scene was such that he was holding solo exhibitions in no time, with “Mind Maps” at Karnik Gallery in Mayfair, London, being a notable one. People’s perceptions of life and day-to-day experiences were thus embodied in the form of paintings. Adham’s works have since been selling across the globe, especially in the Middle East. Adham’s impact on the Middle East has been particularly noteworthy because of what he stands for — a young artist who dared to dream, with a goal of creating a first-of-its-kind movement in the region. In doing so, he has essentially blazed a new trail for budding Arab artists to make their mark on the world. “I want to convey the creativity and virtuosity of the Arabs to the world,” explains Adham. “There is so much clutter in this world, but I choose to see the beauty in every mind and intend to showcase it on the canvas.”