Abdulaziz Al-Abdulaziz

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Abdulaziz Alabdulaziz, born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a multidisciplinary artist known for his bold juxtapositions between the abstract and figurative, the geometric and organic. In a gestural artistic practice that exhibited both control and spontaneity, vibrant fields of color morph into recognizable forms and faces. His stunning works captivate viewers as they look deeper into the layers of paint and the subtle, yet dynamic, textures and patterns. He unearthed his childhood interest in the visual arts, from photography, to painting, and even digital arts. He began experimenting with a range of styles and mediums. Bringing together the skills of design, the technical knowledge of light and shadow from photography, and a determination to create an evocative painterly style that set him apart from his predecessor in art, he developed a signature style. Sharing a message of beauty and life, his work becomes a beautiful amalgamation of Saudi life and culture, identity and memory, and the cultures that influenced Alabdulaziz on his journey.